Friday, February 17, 2017


You poured into me
Like a sweet, golden trickle of honey
You stuck to me
Making me swell with your love
You whispered to me
That this time it shall be different
You were real to me
As real as the breath I took a moment ago

And when you flowed out of me
Rivers of love arose in my eyes and veins
You melted away silently
Still my heart thrums to your beat
You took me back to the place I was in before
Only now it was bathed in tenderness
I carried you some distance
You carried me to eternity

Friday, January 20, 2017

I would have you sentence me
To be a comma under you

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Eyes that looked at you, did not look for you
Lips that curled into a fake plastic smile
Ears that discerned the words you spoke
A nose which smelt the other in you
A beautiful woman I saw in the mirror but did not know to be one.

And then you made a woman out of me
And the blood which flowed thickly inside me turned to water.

My eyes full of knowing I now accentuate
The dark kohl underlines the new knowing I have about you
My lips are full and red with secrets waiting to be told
Hold me close and they quiver and burst forth
My ears thrill now to the touch of your fingers
Louder and clearer than any words
My nose I now embellish with a glittering jewel
That I may smell the rubies, pearls, the fumes, shadows in you

A woman is adorned
And in that adornment, a new man and woman are born.

Friday, October 28, 2016

i want to fill my world with you

your quietness is music to me

your barrenness is ripe to me

can I have a closer friend than you?

Monday, October 24, 2016

Your words, spoken with finality
Like the midday sun, blaze and shine
Leaving no shadow of doubt
My heart flees from their piercing brightness
To the gentleness of dawn and dusk
Where shadows lengthen and soften
Stretched and made indistinct by the unspoken.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Buy and by

It's in your email
Codes for the flash sale
Buy, buy, buy
Grab the deal before the next guy
The glittering world is out there
And it's whirring 'buy'
If I choose to stop and stare
And to this world defy
In the choice of mind and matter
Do you 'mind' if to me it doesn't 'matter'?

I've been determined to shake my writer's block off and make a renewed commitment to writing. So here I am today, penning the resounding thoughts in my head since the start of this year.

Does everything have to have a beginning somewhere..if it does, then this beginning is perhaps one from another life and another time, but with the same souls colliding against each other, sometimes gently, sometimes roughly, sometimes unbeknown to each other, sometimes to be the voices that beckon and remind.  Formless souls coalesce with one another like droplets of water in a cloud, only to rain down upon the earth, losing themselves to become part of something else, acquiring a form, content, substance, 'muchness'.  In this muchness, can I deny my 'suchness', that I am what you are, that we are of the same cloud, that this and only this is the undeniable truth?